All about Fiberglass

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Every-one know that there is the existence of fiberglass but no one know that what is it and how is it used? So, today I am writing article to tell you that what it is!

What is Fiberglass? 

It is popularly called as fibre reinforced plastic but, as its name suggests, it is made of glass-fibre and plastic to make a strong material. Besides this, there is the usage of carbon-fibre, cloth, non-woven glass, modal, coir, bamboo, and hemp fibre to make fiberglass. 

Therefore, the material has the qualities of everything which is used to make it. Like carbon-fibre it is a composite material. Initially, this fibre was used in United States during World War II to create helmets. After returning from wars, people or GIs started experimenting with it. They created boats, boat hulls, car body parts and sailboats. They were considered as overbuilt but boat hulls and car bodies, constructed in 50s and 60s, are not easy to easy to destroy if they are made of this fibre, still.

What are the uses of Fiberglass?

There are numerous used of fiberglass because of its ability to resist rust, corrosion and slipping. Mostly, it is used in

  1. Brewing industry: The material is used in brew industry in bottling line to keep the bottles from corrosion and slipping.
  2. Electronics: It is used in electronic items to keep them from corrosion and rust. 
  3. Fountains: It is used in aquariums and fountains to let water pass from rocks and protect people and animal from drowning.
  4. Automobiles: It is used in making of cars and different automobile to create their bodies because they are stiff and rust resistant. 
  5. Wet areas: Fiberglass has grit surface. Therefore, it is used on wet areas and surfaces to make them anti-slippery and keep them from corrosion. That why it is used in docks and cooling towers.
  6. Pulp making. The material is used to make pulp because of its anti-slippery nature which helps in turning pulp into erect paper. 
  7. Planting: Because of its anti-slippery nature, it is used to plant plants and trees. 
  8. Car washing: Because of its anti-rusting properties, it used to wash cars to clean make their bodies brighter in color.

So these are few advantages and basic details of fiberglass which you can get from retail fit out companies and kiosk manufacturers in Dubai for cheap.