Carpets Serve As Germ Beds

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The carpets serve a great in the decoration of a room, adding a colorful rug to your dull room can actually make a great difference as it might add a pop of color. Also, it may be full time job. Breathing in a clean environment is a very important thing. To keep away from germs and bacteria’s it is important to stay clear and to maintain a good hygiene. The carpets and rugs contain around 200,000 germs and bacteria’s also there might be dust and mites which may cause allergies. These allergies if not treated well may get severe. A virus which causes stomach ache and flu, called the Norovirus can live up to a week in carpets and rugs. 

Health Risk

These carpets may be a risk to health to many such as the infants or aged ones and also the asthma patients also. There are hazardous germs that can make you fall ill. The infants and the aged ones at this stage are equal and their immune system is not as strong as a teenager or an adult. Therefore, the germs affect them the most at first., which can also lead to a life at risk.

How Do You Get Them Out Of The Carpet?

Daily cleansing is always important, even a little effort goes a long way. This is not only for the sake of carpets or rugs but cleansing the house bit by bit on daily basis may save you from hundreds and thousands of bacteria. You may find many services providing services for carpet cleaning companies in Dubai

One can steam clean the carpet with an appropriate detergent. Adding vinegar, borax and baking soda to the solution is a good way to actually get rid of bacteria and germs as well the bad odor. But be sure to read the manual first. 


The steam cleaner keeps the carpet germ-free and sterilized. You may find various deep cleaning company in Dubai. To steam clean your rugs and carpets follow these steps:

To spray over your carpet, make a solution of white vinegar, this is a way to sanitize the carpet.

To sanitize more thoroughly, steam clean your carpet. 

Plug in the cleaner and let it warm up for a while, after it heats up properly move it over thoroughly to get rid of all the junk that is harmful to you and the people around you.