What a pregnant woman should eat?

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Pregnancy is the toughest exam which a woman has to pass. Therefore,  each of them us advised to look after themselves while passing through it otherwise it will the toughest time for them.

Pregnant women are required to take care of their health. They should eat healthy food daily but some of the food are most important to eat. Few of them are:

Fruits: Fruits are rich in vitamins,  minerals and antioxidants which keep skin,  teeth,  muscles and immune system healthy. Like carrots and apples have botanic C that keep you away from asthma and improve detoxification. Besides this, they keep your eyes and skin healthy and compact. Eat one or two fruits at least twice a day when you are pregnant. They will keep you energized and fresh.

Vegetables: Vegetables have similar advantages and benefits as fruits. They keep your body healthy and improve blood flow. They keep your heart healthy and provide you good fat. They reduce cholesterol and improve your brain and memory. Eat them in the form salad in evening and soup in lunch. Have them with boiled rice and fresh juice to make the meal wholesome and nutritious.

Egg: Egg is proteinceous food. It improves muscles and remove worn and torn cells from the body. Its intake will improve the front of baby in the womb. You can eat them in the form of boiled egg in breakfast or you can have them by putting its pieces in soup or you can eat as omelette in breakfast with bread and fresh juice.

Milk: Drink at least one glass of milk everyday for nine months because milk is needed for none health and your child needs it to grow and develop.

Water: Warer is the basic need and pregnant women are required to drink a lot of water everyday because water improves blood flow and oxygen levels in the body. Their composition make the water to work as antioxidants many times.

Dry fruits: Dry fruits are rich in good fat. They keep your body warm and healthy. Therefore, half a handful of them at least twice a day.

Juice: drink fresh juices daily at least once a day either in morning or noon to make the meal light and nutritious. They will give you some light flavors and taste.

Soup: Have soup daily. Prepare different soups. You can have vegetable soup or corn soup or tomato soup or any other. It us up-to you but have it with vegetables. Prepare what you like.

So, these are few food which you should eat daily. Besides taking care about clothes and wearing pregnancy clothes Dubai or maternity short, women are required to take care of their health and enjoy these days with good and healthy food.