Where to invest money?

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Money is important and it is stupidity to ignore its importance. Our every necessity is fulfilled because of money. Our desires to get an 3 bedroom apartment for rent in jvc or jumeirah village circle villa for sale are fulfilled because of money.

So, instead of declaring them unimportant, call it important and learn to increase your bank balance smartly.

The are many ways to increase your savings but the smartest one in investment.

You can invest your money in various ways but some of the ways are:

  1. Stock market: It us risky yet safe to invest in shares and stock market. If you know when to buy and sell shares then its safe but if you want to do everything instantly, then it us risky because prices changes frequently in Nani seconds which make it difficult to go for shot term plan over long term plan. Long term plan is all about buying shares of big companies and get dividend annually.
  2. Real estate: Invest in houses,  plots and building with friends to get the biggest and largest advantage because houses and apartments ate sold always. Buy properties for cheap and sell them for more to get profit. Real estate agency are always shining high;  therefore, it us the area to invest money and get large sum of money. You can even put the bought property on rent to get money on monthly basis.
  3. Startups: Invest in small businesses and start-ups because your money can bring summer in their shop and lead towards successful life. However, invest in those start-ups which are growing and accelerating so that you can get benefit! It is better to invest in tech related start-ups and small businesses because the field of computer science is growing g day by days and tech devices are needed the most.
  4. Transport service: Invest in cars of Uber and transport services because majority of people avail these services to reach at location on time for cheap. Investing there will guarantee profit and good share.
  5. Agriculture and dairy: People always need food and milk. That’s why such businesses will never fail. So, invest there and always have greater profits and share.

Burger cafes: Everyone loves to go to cafes and take cheesy burgers with drink or pancakes with shakes to make brunch and breakfast delightful. Thus, this industry is giving another way to invest savings wisely. So, invest there and plan to go to university