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Anxiety and depression must be treated early when the first signs appear. These signs are different in different people, some show only one of them and others may show a combination of different signs. The best psychiatrist in Dubai is the one make his patients aware of their signs and help them in coming out of them. He should not give them medication without proper examination and conversation with them. He first has to provide them a cozy place where they will feel safe and relax then he should build an atmosphere of trust between him and the patient and then he should ask about the problems and signs of the patients. If you want to know more about these signs then you can click here on this website and also you can look at the article below:

Isolation: It is probably the first sign of any mental illness. When people feel depress they star isolating themselves form others. This isolation will sometimes lead to worse situations if not treated on the first place. People need to get the attention immediately when the start keeping themselves to their rooms only or when your colleagues in the offices stop talking like normally they do. You have the social responsibility to encourage them to speak about their problem and you have to listen to them and after that you should ask them to visit any good psychiatrist.

Sleeping habits: People with anxiety of depression often experience the change in their sleeping habits. Sometimes they feel a great urge of sleeping all the time which is not normal because a normal healthy person cannot sleep for more hours. On the other hand people often feel like not sleeping at all or start having difficulty in sleeping. Both of these situations are not normal and they have to be treated before they go towards worsening.

Self-harm: At the later stage of anxiety and depression people will also start thinking about self-harm and at the last stage of it they even try suicide multiple times when not succeeded once. If the mental illness will get the appropriate treatment in the beginning then there will be no chance of this self-harming state but if the treatment will delayed or not started at all then the person might lose his life in this.

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